Why Schools Should Look at Outsourcing Their Lunch Program

Published On: September 19th, 2022Categories: Blog

Schools have always struggled with the issue of providing school lunches. Parents want lunches that are affordable and nutritious. Kids want lunches that are delicious and not boring. Add to that the dietary needs of different students and the ability to meet all these requirements can become quite overwhelming for a school. One solution is to outsource a lunch delivery program to a company like Dishes2U. Here’s why schools should look at outsourcing their lunch program.

Schools don’t have to manage a cafeteria or caterer

Ah, the school cafeteria….it brings back fond memories (or perhaps not so fond) for many adults. However, managing a school cafeteria is challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. From hiring help to manage to the cafeteria to designing school lunches that meet dietary requirements to ongoing cleaning demands, many schools find a cafeteria is no longer a viable option to provide lunches to their students.

Turnkey operations make outsourcing seamless for schools

Companies like Dishes2U provide turnkey operations for schools of any size. We provide an easy online platform for lunch orders, digital lunch menus with descriptions and pictures, an interactive check-in process, and seamless capabilities to add, change or cancel your lunch orders as needed.

No cost to offering this program

Did you know that outsourcing your school lunch program to Dishes2U comes at no cost for schools? It’s true! We handle all the orders, the interactions with the restaurants, and assistance in training lunch distribution staff, all at no cost to participating schools!

Customized menus to meet your school’s unique needs

We get it: kids have a variety of dietary needs that must be met. That’s why Dishes2U provides customized menus to meet your school’s unique needs, from gluten-free to vegetarian to a different cuisine every day of the week and more; we’ll work with your school to ensure your students are able to get lunches they can actually eat!

We provide all the registration materials and communications for families

Several outsource food programs put the burden of registration and communication on the schools. Not Dishes2u! We provide all the registration materials needed to get families signed up for the lunch delivery program and handle ongoing communications with families. Have a last-minute cancellation? We handle it. Have a parent with questions about menu choices? We’re on it. We provide a full-service lunch delivery program for your school.

Parents will choose your school over another because of Dishes2U

For parents who have a choice as to where their children can attend school, having a lunch delivery program like Dishes2U is one more selling point. Knowing that the burden of packing lunches daily is off their plate and seeing how the lunches provided are nutritious, delicious, affordable, and come from local restaurants all bodes well for schools that have outsourced their school lunch delivery program to Dishes2U.

Is your school currently a Dishes2U customer? If not, why not contact us for a free consultation? See why more and more schools are outsourcing their school lunch program to the #1 school lunch program. It’s easy to see why more and more schools are choosing Dishes2u; just check out our references at dishes2u.com!

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