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We want to thank you for choosing Dishes2u. We are proud to have been able to provide healthy and delicious lunches to your students and look forward to our continued partnership and welcome our new school partners.


  • BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT/MEET THE TEACHER – Dishes2u asks that your school or parent volunteers set up a Dishes2u table; we will send you ‘Dishes2u swag’ to promote the lunch program. We also ask that you print 100 double-sided copies of the registration letter & FAQ sheet to hand out to your families. We will arrange for 2-3 vendors to hand out sample lunch items; please email us a date & time so we can plan accordingly. ***For new schools coming on board with Dishes2u, we will have a Dishes2u representative on hand to personally answer all questions, demo lunch program, and help parents register, along with vendors to hand out sample lunch items.

  • MARKETING THE PROGRAM – Please continue getting the word out to parents about the lunch program. Newsletters, websites, social media, etc., this will assist in increasing orders and increasing your donations.

  • REGISTRATION LETTER – When would you like your first day of lunch service to begin? The first full day back or a week or two later, to give you time to line up your lunchroom volunteers?

  • HOW TO VIDEOS – Check out our video on ‘How to Create an Account and How to Order Lunch’ at dishes2u.com, under the Show & Tell tab.

  • CALENDARS – Please send over your 2023-2024 school calendar ASAP! We need to know the dates of all No School days, Half Days, and any other events where a lunch delivery is not necessary.

  • LUNCH SESSIONS – Please send over your 2023-2024 lunch sessions with the times and grades ASAP! Please send us a list of all of your teacher names and the grades/subjects they teach.

  • BUY A TEACHER A LUNCH – Parents will be able to show their appreciation to a teacher or staff member by purchasing lunch for them. Please send us a list of all your teachers and administrative staff, along with their email addresses. **All staff members need to set up a profile on our lunch website at the beginning of the school year.


Options offered directly through our online ordering system:

  • TEACHER LUNCHEON – Compliments of Dishes2u. We will be providing a teacher luncheon during semester two, once a school year, for any schools who offer Dishes2u lunches five days a week! (*Restrictions Apply).
  • WE APPRECIATE ALL THE TEACHERS & STAFF – You will receive reduced pricing on all items. Thank you for all that you do for our children! Also, all weekly lunchroom distributors (who sign up for the whole school year, *restrictions apply*) will receive reduced pricing on all meals. This includes the staff and weekly lunchroom distributors’ children who attend the school.

  • GIFT CARDS – During the school year, we will provide gift cards from our restaurant partners for you to use at your discretion, such as raffle/marketing to help boost lunch orders/school donations and treat your teachers to a luncheon, etc.

  • BRAND PROMISE – On time, or else it’s on our dime……If your lunch is more than 30 minutes late, lunch is on US!

  • VARIETY OF MEALS EACH DAY – Such as gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, entrees, combos, a la carte, drinks.

  • FUNDRAISER – Dishes2u donates a portion of revenue from each meal purchased back to your school or PSO!

  • ORDERING DEADLINE – Great News! The ordering deadline is 11am one day prior to meal.

  • CANCELING LUNCHES – Can it get any better! You can now cancel your lunch if your student is home sick; just email us at customercare@dishes2u.com prior to 7 am day of meal.

  • SUMMER CAMPSWe’ve got you covered, please reach out to us a minimum of 2 months prior to your camp, so that we can get everything organized for you!

  • HOLIDAY SPECIAL – During the months of November & December purchase $100 in lunch credits and receive a $20 bonus (not redeemable for cash or transferable).

  • FACEBOOK/GOOGLE WINNERS – We pick one winner per month to receive a $25 lunch credit, all you have to do is ‘like ‘and or give us a positive ‘review’.


New RestaurantsPlease let us know if there are restaurants that you would like to be a part of the rotation? What about parents who own a restaurant/franchise? Please let us know, and we will reach out to them.

New Schools – This is the time when we market for other schools for the 2022-2023 school year. If you know of any schools that would benefit from our school lunch program, please email us a direct contact. Should the school meet our criteria and sign with Dishes2u, we will send your school/PSO a $250 referral fee!

Customer ServicePlease let us know how are we doing? Do you have any suggestions to improve our program? We value your input and, if feasible, are happy to accommodate changes to fit your needs.

If you have a moment, we would genuinely appreciate a reference letter! Would you consider writing a review for us on the Arizona Charter Schools Association website? Please go to: az.chartermarketplace.org, click on ‘foodservice & catering’ and ‘Dishes2u’ in blue, write your review!

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Enjoy your summer, and we’ll see you in the fall!