FAQ Restaurants

Set up?

Email us at customercare@dishes2u.com approximately 12-20 of your most popular lunch items, full descriptions & pricing – ask for our excel spreadsheet to fill out menu options

Include some gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, organic, options with and without cheese, if possible

ENTREES, COMBOS, A LA CARTE/SIDES – portions for toddlers (if possible), kids and adults

DRINKS – NO sodas, any drinks in a carton or plastic bottles, such as bottled water, apple and orange juice, chocolate and white milk, Gatorades, flavored waters etc.

Pictures – Can we download from your website? (If not, please send to us either in a .gif, .jpg or .png extension)

We will select lunch items based on the age of the students along with items we think the staff will enjoy

Are there any days you CANNOT deliver?

How often are the menu’s cycles posted?

Dishes2U uploads new menu cycles and calendars four times a year, except for schools who begin in September:

August & September or September thru December

October thru December

January thru March

April & May


We ask that you discount pricing approximately 10%-20% – whatever we agree on, is what we pay you!

Dishes2u donates a portion of each item ordered back to the school – this does not affect your pricing

Dishes2u discounts lunch items 10% for all faculty – this does not affect your pricing

Dishes2u is tax exempt

No delivery to be charged


Orders lock at 11am one day prior to delivery

Dishes2u will email your order and labels to you sometime between 11am-2pm one day prior to your delivery. Vendor will need to purchase AVERY LABELS 1” x 2 5/8” (30 labels per sheet). These can be purchased from Amazon, Staples, Office Max etc

Each item/meal to be packaged and labeled individually

Vendors will be given access to look at their orders in advance

Delivery time is extremely IMPORTANT – if delivery is 20 minutes late or more, vendor will not charge us, and Dishes2u will in turn issue a mass credit to all who ordered for that day. Being late causes a huge disruption to our schools, as students sometimes only have 15-20 minutes to eat.

Transport in warmers and coolers

Vendors to provide enough napkins, utensils, and necessary condiments for the days order

Vendor to time & temp ONE HOT & ONE COLD ITEM before leaving their restaurant and give this to the lunchroom distributor upon arrival

Upon arrival at school, you will check in order with lunchroom distributor, if everything is accounted for, you are free to leave, if any items are missing you will need to rectify immediately

Please do not leave invoices at school


Contact Shannon Hayes, in our Accounts Payable department to set up payment at shannon@dishes2u.com. Dishes2u pays via credit card or check, your choice.

Send us your invoice (or the order summary we sent you the day prior), once delivery has been completed, wait for confirmation from us that you can charge Dishes2u credit card


Please send us your logo so that we can add to dishes2u.com partner page. We will announce our partnership with you, feel free to connect us with your Marketing department, or write the content yourself, or our Marketing department will write on your behalf.

About Dishes2u?

Be sure to check out our website at dishes2u.com regarding our lunch program. Check out our ‘How to video’ on preparing your order, under the Show & Tell tab.

Like us on Facebook?

Check out Dishes2U on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dishes2u/.

Review Us?

Not happy?

It’s easy, just provide 60 days’ notice. Vendors cannot be removed once menus have gone live.  However, before giving us notice, please do call us, maybe there is something we can do at our end to ease your concerns.  We are hopeful this will be a WIN-WIN for the schools, restaurant partners, parents, students, staff & Dishes2u!