The Freelancers

From time to time, Dishes2U needs added support to handle volunteer training, Back-to-School Nights and other projects.
When these needs arise, we can always count on our freelancers to save the day!

Courtney Altman

Courtney has 11+ years of customer service and managerial experience in the restaurant and beauty industries.  She is currently the sole proprietor of her own salon business.  Courtney takes pride in educating schools and parents about Dishes2U.

Mary Jacobellis

Mary has been involved in sales and business management for many years.  She also has held elected positions with school districts and is very familiar with the education sector.  She is always delighted to introduce parents and faculty to Dishes2U during Back-to-School Nights and during other special events.

Kristina West

Kristina West has been involved in the education environment for many years in both personal and professional settings.  She has been an avid school volunteer and has served on numerous boards, councils and special project committees. Kristina loves to represent Dishes2U during Back-to-School Nights.

Cindy Ramsay

Cindy is a real estate professional having served in both the mortgage industry and as a realtor.  She is an expert at staging homes for sale. She attributes her success to providing the utmost customer service to her clients. She volunteers at Back-to-School Nights and enjoys introducing new families to the Dishes2U lunch program.