Why Restaurants Love Becoming a Dishes2U Restaurant Partner

Published On: February 27th, 2024Categories: Blog

Parents, kids, and schools aren’t the only ones who love Dishes2u! Local restaurants find a lot of value in becoming a part of the Dishes2U family. See why restaurants love becoming a Dishes2U restaurant partner.

Expanding their brand awareness locally and nationally

Branding is an important part of marketing for any restaurant. While the big names get all the attention, sometimes the wonderful local restaurants get overlooked. With Dishes2U, more kids try the restaurant’s food at school and request it “after hours.” They also get more visibility at Back-to-School Nights, so parents become aware of what the restaurant offers. In addition, Dishes2U expands its marketing efforts by offering branding on the Dishes2U website and marketing materials.

Increasing profits

Not all restaurants have a busy lunch crowd, often depending on dinnertime to bring in the majority of revenue. Not so as a Dishes2U partner! Restaurants can tap into increased lunchtime revenue when they offer their fare for local school lunch programs, which leads to increased profits.

Quick payment for food delivery

It’s no secret that restaurant profit margins can be razor-thin. Timely payment by vendors can make or break even the most successful restaurant. Dishes2U endeavors to be an ideal partner with local restaurants by providing timely and accurate accounts payable. As a Dishes2U restaurant partner, you never have to worry about getting paid.

Training for restaurant managers and staff at no charge

Restaurant owners may be concerned that becoming a part of our school lunch program will put an undue burden on their staff. Not so with Dishes2U! We provide exclusive training for restaurant managers and staff at no charge, so there is no additional burden on owners or managers when joining our team. We also make it easy for staff to “manage” the lunch program for our partners!

Easy-to-use online platform access

Dishes2U has a fast and efficient online platform that saves time for restaurants and provides organized reports for order accuracy. Our platform also streamlines logistics for lunch packaging, labeling, and delivery. With access to our platform, restaurants can also research and see trend tracking, which can improve menu offerings. Not only that, forecasting ingredient needs saves money and reduces waste.

We love welcoming new restaurant partners into the Dishes2U family, and now you can see why love becoming a Dishes2U partner!

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