We Celebrate Teachers All Year at Dishes2U

Published On: May 3rd, 2024Categories: Blog

This year, teachers all over the country will be celebrated during Teacher Appreciation Week, which is May 6th – May 10th. While most people know that Dishes2U offers delicious lunches to kids throughout the year, not everyone knows that we actually celebrate teachers all year. How? Keep reading to see how we work with schools to celebrate teachers all over the country.

Teacher Appreciation Week is in May, but appreciation happens all year

While schools across the country celebrate Teacher Appreciate Week, Dishes2U makes it easy to celebrate your favorite teacher a delicious lunch. Parents told us they wanted a way to show those teachers who went above and beyond with their child how much they appreciate their efforts. Once we saw what an enormous success our “Teacher Appreciation” feature on our ordering platform was, we decided to let people know it’s available all year long, not just during Teacher Appreciation Week! Dishes2U now offers a “teacher appreciation” function in their school lunch ordering system to purchase lunch credits for teachers.

How does the teacher appreciation feature work?

We made it simple to buy your teacher a delicious meal from Dishes2U! When a parent or other individual want to show a teacher their gratitude by purchasing a lunch for them, they can simply log in to their Dishes2U lunch ordering system as they do when ordering for their kids, and choose “Teacher Appreciation”. Click that button and follow the instructions to buy a well-deserving teacher a hot, delicious, and nutritious lunch to show them you’re thankful for all they do. Parents often take advantage of this feature, especially during Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s a wonderful surprise for our hard-working educators!

Giving the gift of a delicious meal delivered by Dishes2U has never been easier, so if you’re tempted to acknowledge that favorite teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week (or any time of year!), you can easily do so!

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