Looking for a Better Solution for School Lunches? Why Dishes2U is Your Best Choice

Published On: January 22nd, 2024Categories: Blog

Implementing and managing a school lunch program can be a challenge for schools; not with Dishes2U! We offer an easy, turnkey lunch delivery program to schools across the country, and we can provide fantastic lunches to your school too! See why Dishes2U is the solution for school lunches!

We make school lunches easier

Overworked parents avoid the hassle of shopping, prepping, and packing a sack lunch for their kids by using Dishes2U. They can take advantage of customized orders that allow for complete entrees and even a la carte options. Our lunches promote healthy yet delicious eating, with special diets and allergies accommodated, so all children can be on our school lunch program. We have customized menus to meet kids’ unique tastes and dietary needs. No more hectic mornings packing lunches! No more forgotten lunches! We make ordering easy, using a convenient and intuitive online ordering platform so it’s easy to manage your child’s lunch account. Multiple kids and separate households are no problem with Dishes2U! Our online ordering system is mobile-friendly and allows you to order, modify or cancel lunches 24/7. Credit cards are accepted so you can earn points without fees! We even offer the ability to buy your favorite teacher lunch! So many ways to make lunch easier, day in and day out.

Schools benefit from our lunch program

Schools appreciate Dishes2U for the convenience and cost-savings, not to mention the added benefits! Schools don’t have to manage a cafeteria or caterer; it’s a completely turnkey operation that makes the school lunch program seamless for schools. We can offer customized menus to meet your school’s unique needs and we provide all the registration materials and communications for families and train all volunteers to help with lunch distribution. If parents have questions about the program, we handle all customer questions, so there’s no extra burden on schools. Even better, there is no cost to the school for this program! Working with Dishes2U also benefits schools by helping parents fundraise simply by ordering lunch. We also give back to the school based on the number of lunch items ordered. Does your school do fundraisers throughout the year? We can help! We support school fundraisers; just one more reason to work with Dishes2U.

Give your kids lunches they actually love

Kids love our lunches! We work with some of the most popular local and national restaurants throughout the country, so kids love that they can enjoy their favorite meals from their favorite restaurants. They recognize their favorite meals from local restaurants, so they look forward to their lunch. No more traded or thrown away lunches when you use Dishes2U to bring you local favorites for school lunches.

Want to learn how Dishes2U can offer school lunch delivery to your school? Contact us to get a complimentary consultation to see how you can take advantage of all Dishes2U has to offer.

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