Here’s How a School Lunch Program Benefits Parents

Published On: October 25th, 2023Categories: Blog

It’s no secret that kids love our school lunch program. We offer delicious lunch options from favorite local restaurants so eating lunch from these familiar restaurants is a big hit with the kids. What people don’t consider is how a school lunch program like Dishes2U can benefit parents.

Parents know what their kids are eating

With Dishes2U, parents can choose school lunches online, so they know exactly what their kids are eating every day and know it’s both delicious and nutritious. Sure, if they packed the lunch, they’d know what the kids took to school, but if it’s not what they want to eat, chances are it got traded away for something much less healthy or even worse, just thrown away. When parents and kids work together to choose which lunches they want, it’s a win-win for both kids and parents

Saving precious time each day

Being a parent means wearing a lot of hats. For busy parents, not having to pack a lunch each day while pondering how to make it interesting, yummy, and healthy is one huge load off their shoulders. No more mad rush the night before or the morning of school to throw something together! Using Dishes2U allows parents to plan ahead and save a lot of time each week by ordering those meals in advance.

School lunch programs save money

Buying ingredients needed to make a variety of appetizing, healthy, and interesting meals each week isn’t cheap. On top of that, there’s no guarantee that kids won’t be disappointed when they open their lunch, and trade or simply toss their lunch away. If your lunch packing includes fresh produce, can you use it all up before it goes bad? Maybe, maybe not. With a school lunch program like Dishes2U, there’s no waste, so no wasting money.

Avoiding the stress of packing a lunch

Besides taking a lot of time, packing daily lunches can be stressful for hard-working parents. We help you avoid the hassle of planning and prepping lunches, dealing with forgotten lunches, and being able to customize your lunch ordering to suit your needs and your kids’. Even special dietary needs are easy to plan for with our easy online ordering. Got a sick child who stayed home from school? No worries! We issue credits and refunds with a quick click of a button. So easy!

Using a school lunch program like Dishes2U makes parents’ lives easier. Save time, money, and stress by joining the Dishes2U school lunch program. Contact us to learn how!

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