As soon as the menu is released, you can order lunches for the entire cycle. However, an advance purchase is required. All orders must be placed by 7am (PT) the day prior to delivery of the meal. So, for a Friday meal delivery, all orders must be in no later than 7am (PT) on Thursday.

Dishes2U uploads new menu cycles and calendars four times a year.

Parents will be able to show their appreciation to a teacher or staff member by purchasing a lunch for them.

You will be receiving a registration letter shortly. This letter will explain how to set up a lunch account, it will also include your school’s unique ‘school password’, which you will need to set up your lunch account.

Be sure to check out our website at dishes2u.com regarding your new lunch program. You will also find two videos, one on how to set up your lunch account and the other on how to place orders.

A check out with a minimum of $10.00 in your shopping cart is required for all new or changed orders – all orders not meeting the minimum will be charged a $1.00 handling fee. Please note, this is NOT $10 per lunch or even $10 per day, just $10 in your shopping cart when checking out, for a total of all of your children.

Changes can be made up to the ordering deadline, 7am (PT) on the day prior to the meal delivery. Once the ordering period has closed, late orders are not accepted, and no changes are allowed.

Unfortunately, these cannot be accommodated due to the volume of orders being placed.

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Have kids at other schools. Refer Dishes2U to any other school and they sign with us, based upon your referral, we will put a $100 credit in your account.