Dishes2U is Expanding School Lunch Delivery Nationally

Published On: May 13th, 2021Categories: Blog

Dishes2U is excited to announce that they’re expanding to offer our school lunch delivery program nationally, serving more schools across the country.

Founded in 2010, Dishes2U started offering our lunch delivery program to schools in the Phoenix area, quickly expanding to other cities and then statewide. Over the years, we’ve further expanded our services to include Arizona, California, Colorado, and Oregon, offering healthy, delicious, and convenient lunches from our restaurant partners; local favorites as well as popular chain restaurants. Seeing a need our services could fill, our school lunch offerings are customized for each client. The online ordering tool gives students, employees, etc. the convenience, control, and flexibility to easily order, purchase and track purchases online. What is even more exciting is that there is no cost to our schools!

As word of our school lunch program spread, other schools around the country reached out to see if they could take advantage of our services as well, setting Dishes2U on a path to grow nationally. Our services provide the unique option to order completely online, ease of payment, schedule flexibility, varied menus, and the option to purchase meals for others such as a favorite teacher or school administrator. We also give back to participating schools with each purchase, so fundraising is built into our program for our schools.

We’ll be announcing new markets for our services shortly, so be sure to follow us online to get the latest news on Dishes2u expanding our school lunch delivery program nationally!

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