Dishes2U Helps Schools with Their Fundraising Efforts

Published On: October 18th, 2022Categories: Blog

You already know how Dishes2U provides hot, delicious, and healthy lunches to schools nationwide, but did you know that schools partner with Dishes2U for their fundraising efforts too? Read on to learn more!

Parents fundraise simply by ordering lunch

We get it: parents are busy! While they want to support their kid’s school, finding the time to help with fundraising efforts can be challenging to say the least! But guess what? Parents can simply help their school’s fundraising efforts by ordering lunch for their kids! How does that work? Dishes2U donates a portion of revenue from each meal purchased back to your school or PSO! So easy! Parents are helping their schools with fundraising goals simply by ordering lunch for their kids!

Other ways that Dishes2U helps with fundraising at schools

Throughout the school year, the team at Dishes2U supports a variety of fundraising efforts. One of the ways we support fundraising is through school silent auctions, where we donate a gift that the school can use to raise funds. During the school year, we also provide gift cards from our local restaurant partners for schools to use at their discretion, such as raffles or for other marketing efforts to help boost lunch orders/school donations.

We believe in our community and support our schools

The past few years events have reinforced what we already knew: our teachers are essential to the success of our kids! Dishes2U treats teachers to a luncheon throughout the year to show our support. Of course, by the very nature of our business, we support local restaurants, bringing their fresh and delicious meals to schools throughout the nation.

Is your school looking for new ways to fundraise? Consider partnering with Dishes2U to see how we can elevate your lunch program and help you raise funds throughout the year!

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