Dishes2U Celebrates National School Lunch Week

Published On: October 6th, 2020Categories: Blog

We’re excited to celebrate National School Lunch Week which is October 12th – 16th. Not sure what it is? Keep reading to learn more and find out about our incredibly special way of celebrating the week!

What is National School Lunch Week?

During the 2nd full week in October, this week highlights the programs and nutritious food served up every day throughout the school year at schools all over the country. Since 1946, national school lunch programs have been available to students. While many areas may have offered school lunches before that time, other areas found it difficult to find the funds and resources to support such a program.

Today, many school districts not only offer lunch, but breakfast and an after-school snack as well. This week focuses on healthy food choices, balanced diets, portion sizes, and more. Throughout the week, cooks, and cafeteria personnel at schools across the country will feature posters and information about school lunches. Parents are encouraged to participate, too.

How is Dishes2U celebrating?

Being in the school lunch delivery business, we are thrilled to celebrate this important week. We’re offering a $25 credit to the person who has the highest dollar volume order for the week of October 12th – 16th. We’ll be announcing a winner at each school!

Join us in celebrating National School Lunch Week and as always, thank you for being a loyal customer of Dishes2U!

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